Group Presentation

        My group and I decided to explore the validity of the concept of the Third World today. So we asked ourselves whether or not the notion Third World should’ve ended following the end of the Cold War.

We then chose to study the role of Globalization on the end of the Third World.

      Because most of the members come from Third World countries like India, Nigeria or Egypt we felt the urge to have a better understanding of the evolution and fate of our countries. We also found that this question could make a relevant debate because many countries such as China and India are escaping the stereotypes that we associate them with, by experiencing tremendous economic growth.

     We’ll be focusing on key ideas that are directly linked to the Third World, such as the Dependency Theory, Industrialisation and The Global North-South division. We plan on gathering our knowledge from the suggested and personal readings among other sources.

Each member has different skills and interests, like theorizing and case studies for example.

I’m assigned the role of researching the alternatives (theories and suggestions) to the notion of Third World.

     Organizing such an assignment proved to be a complex task because many different countries have evolved in their own unique ways and thus a general rule cannot apply to all.

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