Political Theory – Post 2

To illustrate various elements of the concept of ideology, we will study the case of Nazism. Masking itself as a national socialist program, Nazism hid incontestable racism and ethnocentrism that it manifested through anti-Semitic acts like the Holocaust and the assumption of a ‘Master Race’ (Herrenrasse in german) of the White, Germanic, Aryan and Nordic show how the people’s norms and morals can be manipulated and changed with the introduction of an ideology’s own. The rejection of democracy, political parties, labour unions, free press and basically any right to oppose the ruling party along with thought-control police illustrate to what extent the power, control and determination an ideology can have to achieve its goals. ‘Führerprinzip’ (Leader Principle) dictates a belief in the leader, which illustrates the importance of a leader in every ideology, who sort of becomes the personification of everything that said ideology represents. In this context, Adolf Hitler was enough of what the nazi ideology would portray as the exemplary man to gain the mass’s trust and support and be able to lead them to achieving the nazi ideology’s objectives as unorthodox as they may seem to non-nazis today. Charisma played a major role in the progression of the nazi regime, A. Hitler inflicted many of the Nazi manifesto’s objectives on the people through his passionate speeches and outstanding charisma which manipulated their positions and managed to convince them that what the nazi ideology suggested was the way forward, the only truth.


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