Post 7 – Presentation on Colonialism: Continuity and Change

This group studied the continuity and change of colonialism. They focused mainly on studying the impact and effects of the Dutch empire’s colonisation throughout time and especially on current conditions of development in formerly colonised countries around the world. They also studied the British, Spanish and Portuguese empires’ impacts in their research, as well as the consequences of decolonization and the remaining cultural influences of these imperial forces on the colonised countries.

The case studies were presented in a chronological order, and were of much historical truth and illustrated the realities and issues of the processes of colonialism well. The group also used an extensive amount of figures and facts to illustrate their arguments.

The presenters based their research on a wide variety of sources of contrasting natures from satirical illustrations to official statistics.

The group defined the concept by providing academic, as well as opinionated definitions of the concept. The group explored many hypothetical and alternate explanations of the course of colonisation and the state of development in formerly colonised countries today.

The presenters seemed like they mastered their topic and had no trouble answering the questions that followed the presentation. However, they could have not given so much exclusivity to the case of the Dutch empire and its colonies in their research.


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