Post 6 – Presentation on Gender Inequalities

This group studied the role of gender inequalities on developing countries. They discussed various theories and topics including marxism and its relation with feminism, applications and laws regarding public and private violence in different countries. They illustrated their arguments through several case studies including gender inequalities in Saudi Arabia, human trafficking and nonprotective laws in Thailand and Mozambique along with examples of occurring female abuses including genital mutilation and acid attacks. They also presented the ongoing efforts including the actions of NGOs to eradicate these issues.

The group discussed unprotecting and unfair laws regarding rape, prostitution, and prosecution of women both in Mozambique and Thailand.They also presented gender inequalities in particular societal structures like Saudi Arabia.

The presenters used a significant amount of official sources including governmental websites, academic journals, books and international organisations websites.

They demonstrated the concept of gender inequalities through theories and many precise applications around the world which provided a more realistic illustration of the issues and importance of this subject.

Although not collectively agreed on, they briefly mentioned what needs to be done to eradicate these issues in the end.

The presenters successfully explored subtle and unsubtle realities of gender inequalities in many different contexts through theories and occurring issues. However, many of the legal information could have been compacted.


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